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गेम खेलें और पैसा कमाएं सर्वश्रेष्ठ गेमिंग कमाई ऐप बिना निवेश के पैसा कमाने वाला ऐप WePointz

Hello everyone, how are you? Welcome to my newearningapptoday with another fresh and amazing article as always today we will talk about a new application through which you can earn money by playing mini-games. And here the earning will not be in rupees but in dollars. And I’m going to show you my withdrawal here. The application is very popular. This is an application of a big company which already has 4 to 5 apps running. And all applications are available on play store. You can download this app from our link in description. Let me tell those who do not know about this websitet.WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ

Play Game Wnd Earn Money Without Investment

Because all the new apps that come in the market, it is the work of 1 member of our team. Specifically who operates this website. They collect new apps and upload new apps here. Then you must visit Newearningapptoday daily. Just visit whenever you feel you need a new app. You can download the latest app from here. You get more than 50 applications on this particular website.

Play Game And Earn Money App

WePointz: Play and Earn

WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ

And tell you how you can start earning from here. So here I have started the application. The name of the application is Wepoints. You get your tickets here as soon as you complete the sign-up process on the Wepoints app. I have 20 tickets now.WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ If you run out of tickets, you can click on the plus icon to see the ad here. You can add it. As soon as I clicked on free, I got 3 more tickets here. That is, by clicking on free, I can take 3 tickets every 1 hour. After every hour, after every 1 hour. Now you will see 2 things here, Space Shooter and Playtime.

Before that let me show you my wallet. At the moment, I take out $5 here. This is my PayPal account. I have done it. So you can create a PayPal account in a jiffy. I have written an article on how to create a PayPal account, but it has been shown completely practically. I have also linked my bank. So you can read the article. The link to that article is in the description.


Here you can see that I have made withdrawals of $10, $2, $25. I have put all these withdrawals. $10, $15, $17, $25, $2, $05, $54. I paid $54 here. Here it takes 3 days as it is an international payment. But you assume that your payment arrives in 2 days.WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ


Space Shooter Game Play And Earn

Click on Play Shooter. The gameplay will start in front of you. Whatever your opinion will be here as soon as the gameplay starts. All you have to do is play the whole game like this for 1 minute. Your score will be good. So you will get more points here. And the points you get will be accumulated in your wallet. Let’s see how many points we get for watching the whole 1 minute. All you have to do is complete the maximum here. So as soon as it is completed, the complete 1 minute is going to be completed. And my gameplay is also running automatically here. You’ll be able to see it as soon as it’s done. The points I have earned here will be collected by me. And this is the time. Not much else, here you get less points. Here you have to do more tasks if you want to earn more points. Let’s click on Home. An ad has also run here. So let’s leave this ad for once. Our ad has also been abandoned.

स्पेस शूटर गेम खेलें और Wepointz ऐप कमाएं

Now let’s talk about other ways to earn it. This is not just a game in the application. There is another game below it. Click on the play time in front of you here. Gameplay will happen. In this you can play unlimited games.


If you go below it, you will get unlimited tasks here. You will find all the points of these tasks written here. complete the task.

WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ



Here you get surveys. You just have to answer the questions. Here the survey will start. There are around 20-22 questions in it. After that you can easily get 5000 coins.

WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ

Play Game And Earn Money app

You can also find games here. You can play mini games. And there is an option at the bottom. This is another application. This is another application. You can also download it. All belong to the same company.

WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ

Refer And Earn Money

If you go here then you can also earn well from referral. You are getting 250 coins in referral. Here you get 20% referral bonus.WePointz: खेलें और कमाएँ

So this is the complete application. If you like it then you can download it. Link is in description.
Use my Referral Code ‘USA9GQX’


Telegram Group

Now friends where will you refer the application? So this is our Telegram group. Join. This is an independent group. 5,000 people have joined this. Now it’s your turn. You can share the referral link of your app here every hour, so this problem of yours is also solved. Where to share what you always say? work hard Earn with Judy

Jai Hind. Jai Hind.


Friends, this is a very good application in which you can easily earn money by working only 3 to 4 hours a day. The biggest thing is that you can also earn from referrals. You can easily earn 400 to 800 rupees in a day. So I hope you liked our post and if you have any problem then you can ask us through comment and also follow us.

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